Strategic National Stockpile

    The Strategic National Stockpile is a national supply of medication and medical supplies for emergency situations. Within 12 to 24 hours, the CDC can deploy a large shipment of supplies, knows as a ‘push pack’, to anywhere in the US to supplement and re-supply state and local health and medical resources.

    Past Responses Using SNS Supplies:

    • September 11, 2001: World Trade Center Attacks
    • October 2001: Anthrax Response
    • August-September 2005: Hurricane Katrina
    • 2009: H1N1

    Point of Dispensing (POD):
    A Point of Dispensing site is a mass medication dispensing location that is capable of providing emergency medication or SNS supplies to protect the general population from biological threats or epidemics in a timely and efficient manner. Dispensing sites will be used to complete the goal of dispensing medications to the entire population affected within 48 hours.

    Closed Points of Dispensing:
    A Closed POD is a POD location where organizations have agreed to dispense medical countermeasures to their employees and their family members on-site in response to a public health threat or emergency.

    In order to participate as a Closed Point of Dispensing, your organization will need to:

    • Have personnel available who can legally dispense medication in the state of Georgia
    • Be willing to dispense medication to your employees, their family members, and patients/students/inmates/etc
    • Be willing to share contact information and estimated number to be served with Northwest Georgia Public Health
    • Have a plan and an identified location for dispensing operations
    • Complete a Closed Point of Dispensing Program Enrollment Form

    Closed Point of Dispensing Enrollment Form
    Closed Point of Dispensing Toolkit