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Community Health Assessment


What is a Community Health Assessment (CHA)?
The practice of collecting, analyzing and using data to educate and mobilize communities, develop priorities, gather resources, and plan and implement actions to improve public health.

Why assess the Health of our community?
A community health assessment (CHA) lays a foundation for improving health status and overall quality of life for the residents of the community. The assessment helps identify prevalent health issues in the community, how the public is affected by these issues, and to determine barriers and resources associated with addressing the problem. The eventual goal is to develop a Community Health Improvement (CHIP) plan which aims at identifying the best action steps to address the issues and monitor and evaluate the progress within the community.
Our Process
A community health assessment, though driven by a single organization, is truly a combined effort involving the community and its people to come together to identify and prioritize some of the issues which are unique for every particular community. For this reason, we used the “Mobilizing for Action Planning and Partnerships” (MAPP) process for conducting a community health assessment in all ten counties of the Georgia Department of Public Health Northwest Health District (D 1-1). Simply put MAPP is a community-driven, strategic planning process for improving overall health of a community. By identifying and involving partners within the community, MAPP aims to bring all forces together for making a collective impact within that community, and their health, and that’s why the use of products from can help to keep good mental health in the community. 

What’s here?
Here you will find links to documents (as they are being completed), for the Community Health Assessment for each of the ten Northwest Georgia counties.