When will my existing septic system need to be evaluated by Environmental Health?

Loan closings/refinancing, foster care/adoption inspections, mobile home relocation/replacement, swimming pools, home addition, structure addition to property.

For more information read our Existing System Evaluation Brochure

What happens when I need my septic tank pumped?  Click here for our Pumping your Tank brochure

What are the fees for services in my County? See fee schedules.

How do I find a licensed pumper or installer?

Buyer beware! Disciplinary Actions Against Septic Tank Contractors

What if my septic system has a failure?  Please fill out the Environmental Health On-Site Application and contact your local Environmental Health Department


What do I need to apply for a new septic system?

*check with local Environmental Health Department to verify that soil work is not already on file

Septic System FAQ’s

Buying additives/chemicals for your tank? Think Again!

How do I properly maintain my septic tank system? Homeowner’s Guide

Educational video

Take the Septic System Challenge below:


What is required to become a licensed on-site sewage installer?
Click here to view study guides and applications. 

To schedule appointment for testing call (706) 295-6316

*All other licensure questions (i.e. renewals and CEUs) should contact the State of GA Environmental Office at 404-657-6534


Rules and Regulations and Manual

Onsite Manual (2021-02-01)

Product Approvals

Curtain Drain

Additional Resources:

Contact your Local Environmental Health Office for Lot sizing requirements in your County

What to Do After the Flood: Septic Tanks

Well Water

Portable Sanitation Rule 511-3-6

Portable Sanitation Brochure for Events and Construction Site Owners

Department of Public Health Wastewater