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Breast and Cervical Cancer


The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP), was established in 1992 with funding from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the State of Georgia. This is a statewide breast and cervical cancer early detection program that is offered by more than 200 public health clinics and selected nonprofit agencies to low income, uninsured women.


Where Can I Receive These Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Services?

BCCP services are available at your county public health department.

What Are The Eligibility Guidelines?

  •  To find out if you are eligible and to access services, please call your  local county public health department . For more information about BCCP, contact 404-657-6370. Must have no insurance and not otherwise eligible for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Must be a biological female
  • Must be a resident of the state of Georgia
  • Must be 40 to 64 years old (women under 40 years of age with symptoms of breast cancer may be eligible)


What Do I Need to Bring To My Visit?

Please bring proof of household income (for example-pay stubs, last year’s income tax return, a written note from the person that supports you of the amount they contribute each month), and proof of current address(for example, power bill, cable bill, telephone bill, driver’s license)

What Can I Expect To Be Done at the BCCP Visit and How Long Will It Take?

A nurse trained to perform clinical breast exams and pap smears will provide screening services which may include a breast exam, pap smear, pelvic exam, and referral for a mammogram. The nurse will also assist in the coordination of your appointments and care if further testing is needed. The visit should take about one hour.

Where Will I Get My Mammogram?

Health department staff will make an appointment for your mammogram at a local FDA accredited mammography center.

What Happens If My Breast or Cervical Screening Test Results are Abnormal?

Women enrolled in BCCP with abnormal breast or cervical screening results are referred to local doctors/ health care facilities that are contracted to provide evaluation and diagnostic procedures to determine if cancer is present. Treatment services, at this point, are limited to those necessary to diagnose cancer. The goal is that every woman who has an abnormal screening result be referred for and receive the follow-up she needs.

What Help is Available If My Tests Show Breast or Cervical Cancer?

Women’s Health Medicaid is available for eligible women for the treatment of breast and /or cervical cancer. You can receive information on eligibility guidelines and apply for Women’s Health Medicaid at your local health department. In case of an invasive surgery, consider then paying a visit to an expert plastic surgeon, see here these before and after plastic surgery.

Who Can I talk to if I have more questions?

Please contact the local health department in the county in which you live and ask to speak to the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program nurse.

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