northwest health district alert:

The free COVID-19 test site in Floyd County at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds in Rome will be open Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, but test sites in Catoosa and Paulding counties will be closed. Read More

Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to the Northwest Georgia Public Health District Emergency Preparedness site. The Northwest Georgia Public Health District Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response works to improve our ability to respond to acts of bioterrorism, outbreaks of infectious disease and other small or large-scale public health emergencies or mass casualty incidents. In recent years, our preparedness efforts have been tested by a variety of events such as tornadoes, snow storms, disease outbreaks such as H1N1 and assisting out-of-state responses such as Hurricane Katrina.

District 1-1 Emergency Preparedness: Educating, Training and Ready to Respond

The Northwest GA Public Health District 1-1 Emergency Preparedness and Response Team is committed to educating the citizens of Northwest GA in Emergency Preparedness; promoting preparedness as a way of life; responding appropriately to any event, large or small, manmade or natural, ensuring lives, property and resources are safe from harm.


  1. Support and Assist Counties in all areas of Emergency Preparedness and Response
  2. Provide consistency in Emergency Preparedness planning and response district-wide.
  3. Develop and maintain a team approach to Emergency Preparedness within the District office.

More about the Northwest Georgia Public Health District Office of Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Georgia Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions have been formed to help bridge gaps and improve healthcare preparedness for disasters. County, community, or organizational plans alone may not be sufficient to take care of the health care needs during and after a disaster, therefore a regional approach is needed to improve the continuity of healthcare. Healthcare organizations planning together will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system. Read More…

Training is an essential part of who we are in the realm of Public Health Emergency Preparedness. Because of this, we are committed to providing ongoing training opportunities to ensure that we maintain skilled and prepared public health employees as well as a skilled and prepared community. Read More…

Strategic National Stockpile
The Strategic National Stockpile is a national supply of medication and medical supplies for emergency situations. Within 12 to 24 hours, the CDC can deploy a large shipment of supplies, knows as a ‘push pack’, to anywhere in the US to supplement and re-supply state and local health and medical resources. Read More…

Personal Preparedness
Personal preparedness includes being ready for emergencies at home, in your car, or anywhere else you may spend time. The best time to prepare for an emergency is well ahead of time. When you prepare from a position of safety and calm, you and your family can better cope with an emergency or disaster situation when it happens. An emergency or disaster may present unique challenges for us all. Being prepared well in advance will help you respond to these challenges. Read More…