Children’s Medical Services

CMS_LogoWhat is the purpose of the program?

To assure that there is a community-based, coordinated, family-focused, comprehensive system of quality specialty healthcare services available for children with chronic medial conditions in Georgia.

What does the program do?

Children’s Medical Services (CMS) directly provides or coordinates specialty medical evaluations and treatment for eligible children (birth to age 21) with chronic medical conditions. CMS provides or pays for comprehensive physical evaluation, diagnostic tests, inpatient/outpatient hospitalization, medications and other medical treatments, durable medical equipment, hearing aids, and dental if related to the child’s CMS-eligible condition and not covered by another source. CMS works closely with the primary care provider to coordinate services.

Why is the program important?

CMS provides access to specialty healthcare for children through a long-standing successful public-private partnership including over 400 providers. By providing quality care and assisting with payment for services, the program enable children to receive medically necessary services that prevent further complications from their condition(s) and promote healthy growth and development.

Who is eligible?

A family of four could make up to$60,762/year (247% of the federal poverty level; and children who are Medicaid-enrolled, receive Supplemental Security Income (SS), or are in foster care. NOTE: Special allowances are made for those with no other resources. The range of medically eligible conditions include burn; cardiac conditions; chronic lung disease (including cystic fibrosis); craniofacial anomalies (including cleft lip/palate); diabetes mellitus; gastrointestinal disorders; hearing disorders; spina bifida; neurological and microsurgical conditions, including epilepsy and hydrocephalus; orthopedic and/or neuromuscular disorders (such as scoliosis); congenital or traumatic amputations of limbs; cerebral palsy; vision disorders (including cataracts, glaucoma, amblyopic, and strabismus).

Where is this service located?

Please contact your local health department for more information or call 706-802-5311.


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