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Children 1st

Purpose of Program

childrent1st_logo1. To promote early identification of all children with conditions (medical or socio-environmental) that place them at risk for poor health and/or developmental outcomes;

2. To serve as a single point of entry to connect with other public health programs and community services;

3. To assist families in recognizing and addressing needs that affect their capacity to provide healthy, safe and nurturing environments for their children; and

4. To generate data necessary for planning, policy development and service delivery at the state and community level, and improve the health and developmental outcomes of Georgia’s children.

Who is eligible?

Children birth to age five who are identified to be at risk, due to social-environmental factors or medical risk conditions (an estimated 30% of children in that age group), are screened and referred for services.

Where is this service located?

Please contact your local health department for more information or call 706-802-5311.

Why is the program important?

childrenfirstpicWhile highlighting health, the scope of Children 1st encompasses the total child and family unit, including environmental and social need.  This system helps parents provide their young children with a healthy start in life. It allows at-risk children to be identified early and gives them a chance to grow up healthy and ready for school.

Children 1st identifies and screens children and links them to programs such as:

  • Babies Can’t Wait (BCW)
  • Children’s Medical Services (CMS)
  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention (UNHSI)
  • Georgia Newborn Screening Program
  • Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)


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